Speakers Bureau

The OLA provides a free resource to Ohio schools. If your government/civics curriculum includes topics related to the legislative process—how a bill becomes a law—OLA can provide you with a government relations professional who has extensive experience in the law making process to present as a guest speaker.

The OLA’s Speakers Bureau features full-time, professional government relations advocates. Almost all of them worked in the legislative process in Ohio, as staff or, in some cases, as elected members. Our speakers can explain how the legislative process works in a hands-on, real life way to which your students should find easy to relate.

The basic presentation explains how a bill becomes a law in Ohio from “soup to nuts”—where the ideas for bills come from, the basics of drafting and introduction, the committee process, votes on the floor of the House and Senate, and final action by the Governor. Woven throughout the presentation is information on how citizens can access and influence the process. The role of lobbying is explored, and students are made aware that their families’ interests are already represented in an organized way, through professional and trade associations, unions, and other types of advocacy groups.

Our speakers will provide either a PowerPoint presentation or an outline to help the students follow along. You will receive in advance a biography of your speaker summarizing his or her background and experience. Your speaker will also bring an educational pamphlet to leave with your students.

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