President's Award Recipients

The Darryl "Doc" Dever President's Award is given by the outgoing OLA President at the end of his or her term to an individual who has impacted the association over the past year.  

If you have given or received the award, please help us complete the list of recipients. Email with the recipient, year and the president who gave the award.

2024 - Ronnie Romito, given by Tony Brigano

2023 - Mike Carroll, given by Josh Sanders

2022 - Amanda Sines, given by Bridget McAuliffe

2021 - Erika Cybulskis, given by Amanda Sines

2020 - Josh Sanders, given by Jessica Mead

2019 - Don Boyd, given by Rob Eshenbaugh

2018 - Sheila Fox, given by Jeff DeLeone

2017 - Erika Cybulskis, given by Mike Carroll

2016 - Mike Morrison, given by Kurt Leib

2015 - given by Mike Morrison

2014 - Mike Morrison, given by Lora Miller

2013 - Victor Hipsley, given by Cheryl Subler

2012 - Rob Eshenbaugh, given by Kelly McGivern

2011 - Rob Eshenbaugh, given by Bill Byers

2010 - Kevin Futryk, given by Victor Hipsley

2009 - given by Yvonne Lesicko

2008 - given by Mike Toman

2007- given by Tom Pappas

2006 - Barbara Benton, given by Linda Woggon

2005 - given by Lisa Bateson

2004 - Kevin Futryk, given by Barbara Benton

2003 - Mike Toman, given by Kevin Futryk

2002 - Mike Toman, given by Joanne Limbach

2001 - Charley Moses, given by Tom Green

1997 - Kevin Futryk, given by Penny Tipps

1996 - Kurt Tunnell, given by Vince Squillace

1994 - Vince Squillace, given by Neil Clark