Mission Statement

The Ohio Lobbying Association is a non-profit corporation. 
The purposes of this Association shall be:

  • To provide a vehicle for the discussion of public policy and professional issues, and for the dissemination of information regarding lobbying activities in the State of Ohio; 
  • To monitor legislative and administrative activities at all levels of government, and offer recommendations on public policy issues that are germane to the interest of the Association and lobbying activities in the State of Ohio; 
  • To establish and carry out an effective communication and public education program designed to promote both the public interest and the interest of the Association; 
  • To develop and implement a program of professional education and to promote professionalism among the members of the Association in pursuit of their lobbying activities; 
  • To maintain a standard of excellence among members of the Association and of work performed by the members of the Association; and, 
  • To do whatever is deemed necessary, useful, or advisable to inform members of the Association on all aspects of lobbying activities and to otherwise effectuate the purposes of the Association, including the exercise of all other authority enjoyed by corporations generally by virtue of the provisions of the Ohio Non-profit Corporation Law.